Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Yorkshire CCTV is a trading name of Firesec (Doncaster) UK Limited

What personal details and information do we collect?

All personal details you enter into this site are kept on our secure server. The only exception is credit card details which are dealt with through our merchant services provider.

Details of the areas of the site that you most visit are tracked by our server so that we can ascertain what areas of the site are of most interest. Adverts and offers that we then provide on our front page and via email will target those areas. Email addresses are kept so that you can log on to the site.

The IP address of your computer is logged so that we know what computers are looking at the site.

What we do with your personal information:

Any personal information we collect from you will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws.

1/ To process and deliver your orders

2/ To carry out security checks via person and public databases to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

3/ To process credit card payments with our Merchant services provider.

4/ To provide you with information of any new products or promotions.

What we don’t do with your personal information

We do not share any of your personal details with any other company or mailing database. The only time that we release any details is for the process of credit card payment by the Merchant services company.

Your rights 

If you do not want any information sent to you on future products or promotions please mail us a request to

If you would like a copy of all of the personal details that we have stored on our database please mail the request to